New Year, New Project

It’s been a while since I’ve actually written on here.  I had a lot of intentions of doing so at the end of last year but I always found excuses not too.  I’m going to try a bit harder with the new school year.  We’ll see how it goes.  My plan is that I will continue to use this blog to share ideas with other teachers.  My focuses are on ASU’s Modeling Chemistry and Physics curricula and Standards Based Grading.

As the new school year begins so do the new ideas flowing through my head.  My biggest idea I would like to share with you is my new 180 Blog.  I know 180 Blogs are not new, but my own personal one is new to me.  My plan is to use my 180 blog as most do, to allow a look into my classroom each and every day of the school year, all 180 days of it.  The goal of this 180 blog will be to use it as tool for my students, with them as the audience.  When students are gone from my class for whatever reason I would like them to use this site a place for information as to what was missed.  Because of the nature of modeling it’s not always easy to have things prepared for students prior to a days class, it is much easier, and I think more important, to review what happens rather than try to predict it.  So please add to your follow list and please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for me.


  1. Derrick Kunsman

    Best of luck with the blog this year! Great idea for connecting with your students, and I am also interested in taking the occasional peek into how things are going. Have a great year!

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