Semester Review AND Building the Constant Acceleration Model

This week if finals week at school so our normal cycle of learning gets interrupted.  I’m lucky this year however that we are in the process or building our constant acceleration model.

I know it seems late in the year that I’m just starting constant acceleration, but I went with the a “Unit 0” to start the year, and then Constant Velocity and Balanced Force before Acceleration.  I definitely like the change in order but it has taken me a long time to be comfortable to move on when students were still working through understanding everything.  By using SBG I’m able to track that as well.

So today served as a silver bullet for me and my students.

I gave my students the following guidelines for their task today:

CVM Review AND Building CAM

Basically I asked them create a whiteboard that will both review what the graphical models of constant velocity show as well as to extend those ideas to the graphs we looked at from carts speeding up and slowing down on a ramp.  (We used Motion Detectors prior to this to see the graphs and shared whiteboards about the data collected, but we didn’t finalize ALL of our thoughts.)

I said they can organize it anyway they wish that makes sense to them, and will help them review and hopefully draw connections between the two models.  Groups will share their boards tomorrow during our “semester review” time.  (I will try to post some pictures of what they come up with).  I will let you know how that turns out.

As always, if you have done something like this, or have some ideas for me to improve, or have questions about what I’m doing PLEASE comment below.


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